recommended transmitter/ receiver with voltage telemetry and as many position switches as possible


i am looking for a transmitter/ receiver with voltage telemetry and as many position switches as possible

The spektrum DX8 seems to fit the bill but i have seen alot of people complaining about sudden loss of connection for no reason - this has a 3 position switch - its the bad reviews that convince me not to buy it.

Futabas only system with telemetry is the T14sg but it looks like that only has 2 position switches.

is there any transmitter with a 6 position switch built in (without having to use two physical switches) that also has telemetry or is the DX8 actually reliable ?



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I have been using the DX8 for 3 years now with helicopters small plains and now for 18 months using dji and using APM2.5

on Quad copters and I use the 3 position switch and as far as I am concerned in my thinking DX8 is the one for me but that is only my own thoughts and use.


Hi, thanks for reply, and you have never had any issues?

I haven't used the telemetry on it but have built and used it on a few quad copters that I have built and flown

you can see some of the things that I have built and re built over the time that I have been on quads let me no what you think hoping this helps you.


The 14SG has 6 three position switches, one two position, and one two position momentary.

I agree.  I have the Spektrum Dx7s and I haven't had any problems with the transmitter and receiver.  Although, I wish I purchased the DX8, because I could use the extra channel.  - I would want more if I had 8 too. :)

I have the Spektrum TM1000 (- for telemetry), but it has given me problems binding.  The bind opening on the telemetry has moved/shifted for some reason and the plug isn't able bind the TM1000 to the receiver anymore (5 months old).  

I have the DX8 and it worked great. I actually like the two switches so I can toggle between modes without looking. Easy to program. Just have to program according to your style and quick recovery.
I do have a problem which I have to send it in for them to check.
One night with the power switch off, it came on and started vibrating and making noise.
Had to disconnect the battery to stop it.

If its switches you want , also look at the Spektrum DX18 or the 10S, the latter having switch MODULES so you can customise your layout.

Hey there,


You might look into the Hitec Aurora 9. I use this tx, it is awesome. By itself, it gives main batt voltage, and that can be alarmed. With the telemetry module you can monitor: voltage, amperage, (with extrapolated wattage), 4 temperature sensors,2 RPM sensors, one optical and one magnetic. All of this can be extremely useful. In fact, it was my idea to have the tx remember all of the highest readings so you can make note of them. How hot did that esc get, what was my max RPM,etc.? Hitec listens to their users and puts their ideas into their software upgrades.

You can also break into the module and change out the ant. wire, so you can amp the signal. I have heard of of ranges of many miles, without loss of telemetry. I have not done this yet, but soon.

As far as a 6-pos switch, get a 6-pos switch and swap it out for switch C. Of course, doing any of this voids the warranty, but I never had any problem with mine, and I have repaired broken switches myself, it's easy.

Check it out.


thanks - loads of options here!

The Spektrum is expensive, but the support is great!

Hi Thomas, Do you get flight mode, distance from take-off position, altitude and GPS sat count on the Aurora 9 as well?




Check out the FrSky Taranis.

Up to 16 channels
$200 w/ 8ch rx
$175 w/o

I haven't picked one up yet, but it will be a huge leap from the dx6i.



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