I built a quad with 4x EMAX RS2205 motors with 4s battery and 5" bullnose props. I am carrying an APM mini.

Total weight of 500g and a thrust of +3kg makes it quite powerful - especially when I get my hands on the RS2205S type...

This makes it a bit hard to tune and to do autopilot missions, and it makes it scary to fly aswell since i'm a beginner.

The question, is there a way in APM to reduce and rescale the max PWM sent to the ESC's?

This should make it so that the maximum motor speed is reduced..

Best Regards!

p.s.  I don't really want to buy a 3S battery, which would be a good option aswell.

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Reducing max speed is via MOT_SPIN_MAX.  You can get some expo in the throttle by tweaking MOT_THST_EXPO.  Not sure what the best values you're looking for, but I'd start there. 

As you mentioned, 3S would help, or perhaps smaller / less aggressive props

Thanks! I will try this out.

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