hi all.this is shailendra singh.
i m preparing my own auto pilot kit with at-mega 128 ,a gps,pitot
tube,probably gyro,accelerometer combination or gyro and xyz sensor
combination.presently i m working on my pcb layout.but the headache is
programming part bcz i belong to electronics background and i knw that
it is the most important part.
i want to ask that in programming from where should i start.
i had planned that in the starting i should make a simple program
using gps ,at-mega ad aeromodel to check whether it works or not and
then program it for circle and square using pitot tube .
then i shall use the combination of either of two-gyro,accelerometer
and xyz sensor for stability,as i don't know the use of either of
these in turning and stability programming i shall turn the rudder by
approx angle and approx bank angle at specific speed.i know the need
of accelerometer ,gyro and xyz sensor in uav flying and its stability
but as i m not expert in programming i should start like this.should
i also had a question that should a generalized program should be
made for limited no of any coordinates input or for every mission,a
specific program has to be made.i understand the logic but i need
clearification.i had read the programming part of ardu-pilot_easystar-
wp but i m not able to understand the refrences and the functions
actyally i m working on my 3rd year project and had no one capable in
my college to answer all these questions,thats why i need help.please
some one guide me as reading itself is not sufficient

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You're basically reinventing ArduPilot Mega. Why not wait a month until we release it and then use that as a reference?
sir i agree with u but preparing ur own kit and using ready to use kit is quite a another thing.actually sir i want to have a deep knowledge of this as after doing engineering i m going to get in the indian army and carry out my further work on uav's
sir i had downloaded kalman filter wholw folder from net,but dnt knw how to use.
also sir i know that a gyro ,accelerometer ang xyz sensor give o/p in volts which vary from 0 to 5 volts and after ADC conversion it get converted to the no.s inb/w 0 to 1024.
but sir how much voltage is given as a o/p by the ic for any chnge in stability,how it will be identified.
or i should convey my problems to a programmer and embeded system expert because it is going to be too much tough for me.i know much of the things but how to communicate and convert the digital o/p of atmega to our usefull information i dnt knw.
also i had read that for generalization of program we had to use the algo for the shortest distance b/w 2 pointa after converting the gps coordinates in the required format.

also use of compas in heading or direction defining program is also not clear
no body hadnt reply me yet,ok i will try it by my self
Thats the ever best thing you can do
ok dude ,well i m in contact of a embeded system expert in kanpur,lets see,will he help me or not.ok an u tell me that how can i start,when i had completed all the theory part

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