Is it possible to set the relay to activate on channel 7 instead of 6? I want to use channel 6 to control the servo tilt for my FPV camera but still be able to trigger the relay from my transmitter. Optimally I would still be able to load the code with the mission planner and not Arduino.

It would be nice if we could assign any of the channel 6 and 7 tuning and waypoint options to either channel.


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Why not just cross the channel 6 and 7 wires between the receiver and board.

Currently chan 6 can be used for tuning, camera tilt or relay operation.  Ch7 can be used for waypoint recording, simple mode, autotrim, and some other stuff I don't remember exactly, but it's in the apm_config file.

If you want it differently, you'll have to lookup the code for triggering the relay (search in the code for relay.on() ) and upload with arduino.  With notepad++ (free download) you can easily search through all .pde files.

Then he just has the same prob on ch7 : relay and camera will both be on ch7

I'll have to give it a shot, hopefully I'll still be able to load the code on my trusty old 1280

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