Having status LED's on the board is nice, but they're next to useless when the board is mounted in the stack or under a cover. The next rev of the board IMO should be designed so that these LED's can be mounted remotely. A simple pin header could either be jumpered to use the on-board LEDs or used as a connector for remote LEDs. At a minimum, the user needs to see the arm/disarm LED and the GPS lock LED.


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More than decoration, the "motor LEDs" can be used to signal armed/disarmed status, flash when battery is low, and also flash when it hits waypoints.

Is this already in the code and documented anywhere?

I have read this entire thread, and for such a simple subject it is very confusing, tidbits of information, eventually I was able to get the LED working and wanted to share it with others

The list of steps Marooned posted is nearly correct, I modified it slightly

1) run Mission Planner

2) go to "Configuration" tab

3) connect to APM board

3a) select "Standard Params" from left panel

4) select "Advanced Params" from left panel

5) find "LED_MODE" on the list

6) double click on the number next to it

7) enter "107" (which is something called bitmask enabling and disabling some features of that LED code)

8) click "write params" on the right and wait a few seconds to be sure (info on succeed in on my todo list)

As to the actual hardware connections the header labelled "A4" underneath the APM2.5 board is the one we connect the LED to.

I used a servo cable and soldered a 180 Ohm 0.25W resistor in series with a high intensity LED, all I had on hand was an LED with a clear lens, it is much better to use an LED with a diffused lens as that will be easier to see from a wider angle.

Note that the lower part of the LED lens is not perfectly round, it has a flat on one side, that flat marks the negative (-) lead

See the flat on the right side of the LED lens in this photo

Thanks, Scott.

Pretty cool, easily implemented and works damned good .....RED (A4) blinks when disarmed and solid when armed. BLUE (A6) blinks when acquiring sats and  solid when GPS fixed.

Does this work for arduplane?

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