I'm installing Remzibi OSD in a skywalker with APM. The OSD has it's own GPS so hopefully it's not a problem having them both but my question is about battery voltage.


In the manual it's not very clear about a single battery setup and doesn't mention anything other than using a 2S or 3S. I prefer a single battery setup to run everything and am using 2 separate 2S 6000 batteries wired in series. This seems to just exceed the input voltage allowed on the OSD. It says 7-14V.




Does anyone know if I can power this directly off my 4S setup?


Or another option I'm considering is to use my castle BEC. I'm using that to power my RC and APM but need to check it's output voltage. I might be under 7V. If I use that to power the OSD then I can monitor the voltage of the BEC which should always be steady and put the main battery voltage on the battery monitoring connection ENG on the OSD.

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From Remzibi:


NO - you can not power OSD over 13V - is too much , will burn .
However you can use external BEC 5V and supply OSD directly to 5V points and GND - be very carreful because any opposite conenction or overvoltage will burn OSD completly .

Better solution is to supply OSD from half of 4S - 2S pack , complete 4S as ENG main supply measurment .
OSD will eat some little more power from one 2S then from other 2S but not big deal - all will be much saver for system . 



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