For those of you looking for a relatively inexpensive OSD you might want to consider the remzibi OSD.
There is a thread on RCGroups that fully documents the remzibi OSD and it can be found here:

HappyKillmore has integrated the remzibi OSD with the Ardupilot and that thread on RCGroups can be found here:

There have been some problems using the GPS that comes with the remzibi OSD with the Ardupilot, but Jordi and Happy are working on a solution.


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errrr now that im loking at it, it comes out of remzibi... any additional programming?
haha thanks!

and ya, exactly - no extra programming needed :)

If you are using NewSoftSerial for the gps on the arduino, see my first post about modding the *.h file
I don't know about NewSoftSerial. I will check out your post. Is this a different way of sending the gps signal instead of the regular ways? if so, what are the advantages/disadvantages? I'm assuming that ardu-mega must support it if no additional programming is necessary.
No you should be fine.

When you get everything, PM me if you have issues

I've been looking around but I can't seem to find any info regarding a ground station based OSD. i.e. transmitting the APM data to the ground station via xbee and then through an OSD to the video feed on the ground. My thoughts are that this may serve as a little bit of security should the video feed go bad, you would still have OSD to guide you until the video came good.


How can this be achieved?




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