Hi there guys

The summation of a number of noob errors has resulted in my (quite large) hexacopter attempting to take out a palm tree.

Logs are attached for your perusal. I would quite like it if somone experienced could confirm my theories.

1) A new 1.2Ghz video Tx is fitted. 1000mW. Overpowered and probably very noisy

2) A new GPS module is fitted. Generic M8N from banggood.com

3) Pilot neglects to test GPS with the Video Tx running.

4) Pilot fits a new antenna extension to his OpenLRS system and subsequently disconnects internal antenna connection within the OrangeRx OpenLRS Tx module.

5) Geofence complicates the above

My plan:

> Replace the 1000mW Tx with a more reasonable 500mW model.

> Use a frequency that is less deliterious to GPS (can anyone tell me which specific requencies in the 1G2 range are best?)

> Replace M8N with a LEA-6H

> Use a ground plane under the GPS?????

> Keep M8N as a secondary GPS and use dual GPS???

> Switch back to 5.8Ghz Video Tx?.

Many thanks for your help.

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     Could you explain a bit more information regarding what has happened? You say that some errors resulted in a crash but what exactly were those errors? From your list I would have to make assumptions of what happened instead of looking to see what the problem was.

What type of craft do you have. Is it homemade, or store bought. Do you have an APM or Pixhawk, or a different clone variety. What motors, battery, props, esc combination do you own ...etc. 

From your list i'm assuming that you believe that some sort of GPS related flyaway has occurred resulting in your hex crashing into a nearby tree.  

Ps: your attachments are not available. Just the .bin file is needed for most to provide assistance. 

I'm going to let more experienced folks look at the log file. All I would add is that when you change stuff do it one item at a time. You seem to have worked that out for yourself though!

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