prebuilt APM 2.0 with 2 dead or screwy output channels.

No crashes.

in short, when i converted my quad to a hex, 2 of the channels have started giving me fits.

to wit, motor test in the CLI fails on 2 of the rotors. Ive swapped out the motors and ESCs on 2 of the channels and both test good on another channel and known good ones fail on those channels.

Please advise

Bart Mowrey


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@DroneSavant- where'd your reply go? You'd said  "I dont think they do repairs anymore".


Is that the case? Did you delete the reply having learned differently? I think there's ample evidence of responsibility on my part to facilitate an exchange.

I can be extraordinarily annoying. Especially when my request is a reasonable one. Besides theres gotta be a bunch of other APM 2.0 sitting on a shelf preparing themselves for the scrapheap anyhow. They can write it off and not be out a cent while creating future sales out of goodwill alone.

Thank you very much for posting the links, My APM 2.0 stopped functioning yesterday when I applied max throttle, all outputs just froze, the board doesn't work anymore, luckily this was a bench test, and now USB not recognized, board gets hot when just plugging in USB. This is my second APM 2.0. I can't afford to keep buying another one, when these thing break. The APM 2.0 is good and easy to use, but probably isn't robust, need more time to mature, maybe APM 2.5 is better, we'll see. Thanks for saving me time.

The setup was for a flying wing. It flew great with the APM2.0, but not until that day when I applied full throttle several times.

Arduplane version 1.60 installed.

1 Hobby King ESC SBEC 5.0V/2A

2 micro HS-65MG servos

Futaba R617FS Receiver

3S Thunderpower battery 1350mah

Emax 2812 1600KV motor

Everything was hooked up standard, as simple as can be. Power was supplied on the output rail with jumper in place. For the input rail, the servos wires for channel 1 and 2, and mode channel 8, had just a female-female cable for the signal, no need for the ground and power, since ground and  power was supplied by channel 3.

I am rethinking about whether I would put another APM2.x on a multicopter. Buying 2 APM2.0s and only lasting 3 months is enough to stop me for now until I understand what happened,  why would just applying max throttle cause APM to freeze and not work anymore?

I hope I get help from diydrones, I'm also requesting for the RMA. Support really shouldn't be like this, I understand that they are a startup, and gauging  how people have responded to 3DR support, both good and bad, I just hope I get help, I hope I don't have to "DIY" when it comes to the repair. I have spent so much money and supported diydrones by buying many other products in the past, now I hope they would help me.

Thanks for your help.

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