Sometime ago, someone posted a comment about redundancy and Ardupilot.

I searched for relevant information about requirements to comply for having

the right to fly a sUAV in Switzerland on the Federal Office of Civil Aviation's website ( http://www.bazl.admin.ch/index.html?lang=en )

but could not find any material. Is this handled by ArmaSuisse ( http://www.ar.admin.ch/internet/armasuisse/en/home.html ) ?.

As Switzerland is a small and very reglemented country and there are quite a few DIY Drone members

who happen to be based or flying there, being informed about the rules would be indeed a good

thing for our activity as I am sure, there must be a local version of the FAA's recommendation.


Hence my question: Does anybody can point us to the applicable rules in the Confederation (and maybe in the Cantons of ZG, SZ and ZH?


Thanks in advance,

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Thus, I finally found the information at Federal level:



It is quite friendly wrt the common sense.


Now, time to check the implementation/restrictions at Cantonal level


Hi Lionel


You should get in touch with a RC club in the area where you would like to fly. CH is very small and there is not much open space where nobody is endangered or disturbed.


Here you find all the information you need.


If you need more information, let me know. You can always be my guest in the Zürich area.





Hello Christof,


Thanks a lot for the tip :-)

 Kind regards,


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