Been looking into using the ArduIMU+ V2 as a standalone IMU but have not been impressed by the results i have seen. The only results i have seen were both less than great. The first is here

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Have you seen any problems with the IMU drifting if you perform extended turning maneuvers (loitering, for instance)? My understanding is that the ArduIMU does not have centripetal force correction, so during a (sustained) turn, the gravity vector will have a significant error component, resulting in the IMU becoming dissoriented. 

If this isn't the case, then that's fantastic, I'd love to go to an IMU rig on my next UAV.

Hi Luke,

I know I heard that as well. Still unknown in testing. The LPC was resetting in flight my first flight causing a crash. I now power everything from the ESC BEC but still seem to have electrical glitches. So my AUTO2 time is limited. I have noticed in sustained banked turns it suddenly tips in and goes into a roll. That's just been my observations so far with all of 3 flights. 

I am going to really try and get my vn100 from VectorNav working with Paparazzi as well so I have something to compare. 

More flight times are needed for sure but so far IR is looking pretty good. I can roll a FunJet and IR will flip it around in the blink of an eye. With the IMU I wouldn't dare.

Now i read up about this and they are using the ArduIMU software which has been modified a bit to recieve gps data from the ap which is connected to the IMU through I2C
The other case I saw was also with pprz and that had similar negative results.

ut when I flew it,the IMU data got distorted, basically in Paparazzi Auto1 mode (which means the UAV is supposed to fly straight and keep the same altitude without any control input from the safety pilot), the plane will turn left itself, and when the safety pilot tries to turn it, the plane will descend and almost get into tip stall situation.

I have done a lot of googling and searching on here for fixed wing systems actually using the ArduIMU successfully and have been fruitless. Maybe this is just one of those situations where people don't post good news but if someone has got this working or can offer insight please help out

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Well, an ArduPilot plane powered by ArduIMU came in second last year in the SparkFun Autonomous Vehicle Competition, so it must be doing something right!

I think people have problems with it either:

1) Were using older software
2) Didn't have the GPS connected or didn't have lock
3) Were using it with some autopilot (maybe Paparazzi?) that wasn't processing its output right.

With ArduPilot it has a good track record.

That said, if you just want an IMU-powered autopilot, we recommend ArduPilot Mega. Better sensors and code than ArduIMU, which is an older product.
Is there centriepetal compensation within the ArduIMU code?
Yes, there it.

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