I am looking for some help to understand what i might be doing wrong. i purchased retractable skids for all my quads running APM 2.6 FW 3.2.x. My setup as follows:

APM 2.6. FrSky V8FRII, Turnigy 9XR running OPENTX.

Initially, i connected the skids to channel 8, programmed the Radio to respond to the gear switch.

this was the result, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_n_PACtO2w

It seems when the switch is flipped, the FC resets. i realize i may need a BEC, but i have a Controller, Tarot TLX8002. the Distributor contends i do not need it with the Skids Tarot TL65B44.

I have since moved the Skids to Channel 7, and i notice the FC lights flashing when i raise the skids as if it reset there as well . i dont dare fly it again since it appears the FC is resetting when ever the skids are rasied.

i would like to understand if i am doing something wrong or does an APM 2.6 not handle SKIDS? any advice as to how to use these skids with an APM 2.6

thanks in advance

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hi Mike

thanks for your reply. the Specs you quoted are the Tarot TLX8002 specs, i was not using it for yesterdays test because the Skids have a Servo type connection and would not connect or respond to the controller (after i managed to made a compatible wire to plug into the TLX8002).

The Skids responded to the 6v from the V8FR II recevier and i could get them to go up and down but again the APM reset.

I am with Mike, you neeed a separate source or connection to battery for the skids, I doubt the receiver can supply the current required, and a DVM is not fast enough to show a power glitch, you would need a scope to see it.

Can you provide a sketch that shows the power hookup for all devices, battery, power module, receiver and APM.

Do you know what the current is for the skids when operating?

Also the surge current will be higher. 

Adding an electrolytic cap accross the power and ground to the skid, can smooth the surge current seen by the skid power source.

hi Clarence

thanks for your reply. Actually the Skids do get enough power to raise and lower, these are the smaller skids Tarot Makes., the problem is once retracted or extended the APM 2.6 goes into reset. .i listed voltages above but here they are again.

From the Receiver, approximately 6v, if i direct connect to a power source,11-12v. these skids (TL65B44) dont need much to run, 5-6v i believe i was told by the manufacturer. they are not very big servos.

in one test i did this morning, i only connected the signal wire to the receiver, White wire in the white,red,black servo connector type. the Red and Black i clipped and connected a female JST connector then connected it to 12v Source. that worked a few time then stopped working for what ever reason, maybe the battery was low. 

Supplied with these TL65B44 skids was a Y connector, i can use that to move the Skids, they show 6 V again when connected to the receiver.

Attached are pictures and the wires i used.

This it the Y Cable in use directly into the Receiver

This is a Full Shot of the Y Cable

This is the connection with just the signal wire

This is where i connected the red and black wires into a 12V source

This is the alternate power source with the signal wire only connection.

So there it all is, i am thinking i need a BEC or something, but i dont think i know what to get? a 6V BEC? i have never used a BEC so i am in the dark on how you use it to reduce a 12V supply to a 6 volt supply

thanks for all your time! 

I think there is some confusion here. The Tarot landing gear is designed to use the Tarot Controller. They do not work directly on PWM. You connect your pwm control source to the controller and it sends a simple on-off voltage to the landing gear motors. The landing gear motors need at least 10.5v to operate. I think you are confusing the 5v servo signal used only for sending the retract signal to the controller and the power leads designed to supply power to the landing gear motors. If you are splicing a cable from the receiver to the power leads on the retract controller or directly to the retracts that is not going to work. The surge from turning on the motors and the back emf would easily reset the APM.

The way they are designed to work is 12v directly from your 3s battery to the red/black leads on the controller. The retracts plug into the controller on the sides. Then I use the RC8_pass thru on motor output 8 on the apm to provide the retract signal on the servo connector input to the retract controller. That signal is 5v.

There is no place for a 5v bec here, other that what is dedicated to the APM.

You would be correct if the Skids were the Larger Skids. the TL65B44 come with a servo connector and not the JST 2.0 (White Tip) there is no way to connect these skids to the TLX8002 controller because of that mismatch of connection fittings.

I have it from the manufacturer that these are not like their larger cousins which DO connect to the Controller via the JST 2.0 connection. look at the large pictures, you can see the servo connector on the end of this skid.


So i will need a 5-6v BEC to connect to these. but i thank you for your help, its been very much appreciated 

I could not tell from your pictures, too much going on. I was under the impression that you had the TLX8002 controller because they came with the landing grear,

If the skids work directly off a 5v pwm signal then you have found your problem, they draw too much power for your 5v bus and you need to add addition 5v resources like another 5v ubec to stop the skid motors from glitching the FC.

Good Luck.

i actually did buy the TLX8002 thinking the same as you but then later found out from the selller and manufacturer that only the LARGE of the Skids needs the TLX8002. The skids i have only need to connect to a 5 V source to make them work

thanks for your time it was very much appreciated

The unanswered question is what current is required from the 5V source?

It is obviously more than can be sourced from the Receiver which is probably sourced from the APM which is sourced from the Power Module which is finally sourced from the Battery.

I think you now know what is required.

yeah i ordered a few BEC to see if that does the trick. i know it works from the receiver, but i will separate the power source and just leave the signal connected to the receiver. i am also going to try the TLX8002 controllers by routing the signal source into the wires and power the legs from the sides of the controller, i think that will also work 

This is a look at the multimeter. this reading does not allows the retracts to work. this is connected to the JST connections that come off the battery

on this Reading, the retracts work. this is connected to the receiver.

I have ordered a 3A BEC 5V which i believe i need to by pass the receiver for power.

hopefully i read this correctly


in case any one is still following this thread, i did get some UBECs, i connected it to 12v power, then connected the Skids. i then checked the volt meter and was getting the proper volts to make the skids work....well one worked. three others did not respond. they had worked in the past. when i initially received them, i connected to the receiver, clicked my Gear switch, worked great. havent touched them while waiting for UBECs to arrive.

As stated one skid is working with UBEC, three others are note. now i would love to show off and make a one Skid Landings all the time  to impress the ladies out there, but this is definitely the evil kanevil philosophy :P

I took apart one of the non working skids thinking maybe a short or over charge stopped it from working. took out the trustly volt meter, the proper voltage goes into the board. letting loose my daredevil evil side, i started moving the volt meter prongs around the board to see what happens. there is a large black chip at the end of the board. touching a few of the soldered ends turned the motor on. a couple touches on other areas made the motor jump.

the board is obviously tiny. the only thing i know about electronics is that it goes on and off, i especially enjoy the clapper :P magical!

are these little boards a common thing that can be ordered from some where? or are they most likely made by Tarot RC whose brand name is on these skids?

and imagine, i thought this would have been the simplest thing i ever did with RC. i am gonna just go build an Ark now, the end if nigh and i need a few unicorns on my trip this time :P

any help is greatly appreciated

thanks in advance

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