I've asked this before, but never got an answer, or it got lost :-)

How do I check if the rudder dip switch is in the correct position ?


I've now done a few navigation flights, with the dip switch in either position, and can't say I see any difference.




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I'm assuming you have ailerons.  The easiest way is to set the rudder mix to 1.0 and the yaw PID's to zero and then check that the rudder moves in the same direction (to produce the same direction turn) as the ailerons when in Stabilize mode.

BTW, It will make a difference in how well your plane turns.  If you have the dip switch backwards the rudder will be fighting the ailerons.


This is discussed in the manual, but Doug's advice is best:

hi gustav, to chk rudder dip switche put the APM into 'auto' mode. Feed three waypoints in a triangle including 'home' atleast 300m apart. now walk with the the aircraft in your hand (do not rotate). watch carefully and the rudder should deflect very minutley (1 to 3 degree) in the direaction of the next way point. you have to watch carefully. if it deflects in the opposite direction than reverse the dip switch. it would work fine. nothing complicated but a good question.

Thanks guys, finally have some time to play now.

I found that the dip switch position has absolutely no effect.

I had to give the rudder mix a minus value for it to function correctly.

Can't wait for the weekend to fly some more, the rudder WAS fighting the ailerons.

What would be a good starting point for servo yaw pids, my defaults are all zero ?




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