Hi folks

I'm currently in the process of installing my 2.5 into my Super Skysurfer

I'm finding the ground tests a little confusing...


In stabilised mode if I apply right roll/aileron I also get right rudder

This seems odd to me as it would seem likely to put the plane into a downward spiral if it was in the air (the rudder movement is quite svere)

It doesn't do this in manual mode so there's no mix in the TX


Is there a mix in there deliberately and do I need to reverse the rudder channel in the planner tx calibration section ?



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Hello Terry,

in stabilize mode it is normal that the rudder moves in the direction of the turn.

The mixing rate is controlled by the parameter "KFF_RDDRMIX".

You can adjust the parameter in the apm parameters table:

The value of the adjustment range is from 0 to 1  0= 0%   1=100% in increments of 0.01

The table of parameters in the mission planner is indicated + advanced parameters




Thanks you very much for your response and help Fausto, it is much appreciated


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