Has anyone everythought about building a uav with a rocket booster at launch then uses like a propeller, or a duct fan for flight after the boost phase??


Would this not be the coolest uav or what??

Im thinking of how the military has to assemble and hand throw their small uavs, but what it u could have a small rocket boosted uav that could be transported in the launch tube to provent damage, and quickly deploy the needed uav..

Just a concept

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How about a tubular vessel that heats water to above well above water's normal boiling point (by keeping it contained within a pressure vessel)

Raise the temperature to 250 degrees C, and then open a valve (or have a burst plate) at an exit nozzle at the base of the vessel which will drop the internal pressure, causing the water to intantly boil resulting in massive expansion and massive propulsion.

Bets of all, the fuel is free!

Anyone who watched the water heater episode of Mythbusters will know what i'm talking about.

They bypassed all of the safety features of a standard home water heater and blasted the thing through a roof and 500m into the air.

Now that would be a spectacular way to launch a UAV! Just make sure you stand clear!

So, let me get this striaght...

You want to launch a UAV with overpresserizd super boiling water...With no reguard to the melting point of foam, or the absorbance of water from the Balsa? Not to metion keeping the electronics safe from the 250 degree water/steam. And of coarse when you launch this super hot/presurized UAV launcher (somehow without burning your self just by holding it..) You also have to make sure no one, or thing is any where near your 250 degree face scalding water cannon!

Heres a good test of thery (sort of..)

Try holding a 2 litter of coke with mentos and a cap on it... and try not to get wet

Well, the rocket would be below the UAV, so I can't imagine the exhaust getting anywhere near the aircraft. As for the temperature issue, well my water heater is well insulated. It doesn't burn me when I touch it....

The only issues I see are pressure vessel failure (very bad)... and the exhaust stream scalding peoples faces if they stand too close.

I didn't say it was practical..... only spectacular :0)

I think some CRAZY guy actually produced a drag car using this idea. His car was "the pressure vessel"!

Here he is..... found it..

This guy!

I still say it would be awesome...... potentially dangerous, but awesome nonetheless!


Ithink that the dangers, and lack of practicality are too great to buiold this,...

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