I've had two times now, random, when I am flying in Simple Stabilize and am unable to come out of a roll.  For all I know it could happen in pitch as well, but in these two cases it was a roll. The first time this happened I got control back after trying to give it the opposite stick of the roll (it was not immediate though), and was able to land.  The last time, not so lucky.

  • I have a Turnigy 9x TX and a 9x8c RX running stock firmware.
  • I'm running v3.0.1 of arducopter.
  • The hardware I have is the HK 2.5 with an external GPS (had 7 sats). I have gone through all of the compass and accelerometer calibration, and I am running the stock settings.

I'm looking for any clues as to why this is happening and how to prevent.

I've attached a log screen shot with notes, as we well as a google map image to help visual the crash.

If needed I can add the logs.  I think the that the RollIn values being pegged and flat lined are very odd. Its like the radio was transmitting full roll.

Thanks for any insight you can provide. On a side know there is a Cell tower very close, probably like 100 feet. Any chance this is causing the issue? 

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Post the log, it'd be easier in the long run.

Log added.


Thanks - if you graph RollIn vs Roll, you can see the airframe is responding normally to the commanded roll. I think you're right to be suspicious about the radio. I'm not familiar with that RX - but I don't recall hearing of issues with that and the ArduPPM. Do you have any failsafe configured?

My fail safe is RTL. The crash happened pretty fast. I wonder if shutting off the radio would have saved it.  I thought I might be able to save it.

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