Hello – it is great to have another builder! So far I really like the fuselage. It is strong and light with lots of space inside. Also it has a good aerodynamic profile. The kit is light weight and looks like a quick build. I am very interested in your mod ideas. Can you elaborate on how you plan to make those changes? It seems like a really good idea to mount the servos on the boom. Did you make any sketches of the mods you have planned? I would like to see what you have in mind. I saw a thread on this site for some guys that made a part to convert the wings to a “bolt together” design. They were attempting to make the whole kit break down like what you are going for. Getting the servos on the tail is an important step in that direction. Also I am interested in looking at the wing and considering cutting ailerons into them with servos mounted on the wing tip sections. This will greatly stabilize the flight for video.

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I just ordered the APM 2.5+ autopilot with the 915 Mhz telemetry unit.

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