RTK /PPK which will be more effective. From my research i will opt PPK because we can post process it and in comparison with RTK its accuracy is better in this mode. 

Does anybody have any better reason for RTK/PPK  ? please lemme know .. 

Does RTK/PPK anywhere it is related with which place it is used ?

When this question raised .. I concluded that, type of the receiver is going to deal with the location where we are using and not the mode (RTK/PPK) ... Is what i thought is correct ? please correct me if am wrong..

Thanks in advance...

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  • As far as I understand, PPK, being a post-processing solution, would not offer any additional flight accuracy, while RTK does. Could you confirm that? I am searching for a centimeter-wise flight accurcy when flying very low between trees. Any ideas how I could accomplish that?

    Thank you for your time!

  • Hi Vandhana,

    In my opinion, compared to RTK, PPK enjoys several advantages as:

    1. Two stations work independently in PPK mode, no need data transmission. Thus the measurement error will be much less compared to RTK mode with the incremental distance between two stations. In RTK mode, the distance is usually 20km.

    2. In the post process. The PPK mode can do forward + backward calculation so that the accuracy is available. But in RTK mode, we can only use forward calculation, if there is some float happens, you may find it difficult to improve the overall accuracy. 

    3. In general, the PPK will cost less than RTK mode. 


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