RTL gains altitude slowly with motor almost full throttle......Help!!


I would like to know the setting to adjust the throttle setting that is used during RTL.  When I activate RTL the throttle is advanced to 75% (I think as this is the maximum autopilot setting), the aircraft (Skywalker 1900) gains altitude very slowly (it seems) for this throttle setting.  I have an airspeed sensor installed, as I understand it the Ardupilot uses throttle increase (airspeed) to achieve the RTL set altitude.

If I fly manual/stabilize modes I can use a lot lower throttle setting to climb to a higher altitude.

What Ardupilot Parameters whould I change to have the Ardupilot set a lower throttle setting (airspeed) to achieve the RTL selected altitude?

Will changing this parameter change how it works in other modes?

Does the Ardupilot use elevator (pitch up) to achieve the higher altitude? 

Exactly what happens when RTL is engaged?  What is the main parameters used?

All I would like to change is for my Skywalker 1900 to climb to the RTL set altitude quicker and with the lowest throttle setting required.

Thanks for the help.


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Really need some help!

All good questions...  I expect the answers are very involved and probably written down somewhere if you could put it all together.

I don't have an understanding of all these things yet either, but I would like to learn.


Have you tried

  • increasing the LIM_PITCH_MAX parameter
  • Disabling "use airspeed"




I am interested too. Seems the fathers of code could help us out here.



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