Hi everybody,

When I test stabilization mode on my APM 2.0 it works just fine, the only thing is that the rudder does not react to yaw movements. Pitch and Roll acts to stabilize the plane but not the yaw.

I can move the rudder in Manual mode so apparently it is not a connection issue.

What do you guys thing it is happening?


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There is no yaw to rudder control loop in ArduPilot.  There is a roll command to rudder feedforward, and there is also a lateral acceleration to rudder control loop.  The lateral acceleration to rudder control loop can be set up to produce coordinated turns - the default gain is zero as for many airframes just using the feedforward term is sufficient.

In this situation, if the rudder (Yaw) is not controlled in ArduPilot (for plane) for general flying, may I use the rudder-channel for other ArduPilot purpose, let say for Geo-Fencing? I have a 6 channel TX and not any spare channel and wondering if I can setup rudder channel as enable/disable Geo-Fencing (Guided mode).

Hello, are you saying that the apm 2.5 does not control yaw in stabilize mode?

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