Hi all. When I turning rudder stick on transmitter then swash plate turns lightly. All this in STABILIZE mode. There are no issues with swash in ACRO mode. Can't find anything relating to this in full parameter list.

I'm using APM 2.6 board with ArduCopter V3.2.1. This board is not supported in FW versions newer than V3.2.1.

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Can you post parameters.


David R. Boulanger

Yes. I use ArduCopter on HK500GT (clone of Trex500). My parameters list in attachment.

Today I noticed that if I tilt heli by hand slightly around the roll axis, then yaw stick movements let the swash pitch. If I tilt heli slightly around the pitch axis, then yaw stick let the swash roll.
All this in Stabilize mode. Acro is Ok.

I can rec a small video, if it helps.

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