Rudder's odd response only in modes managed by the autopilot

Hi all,

I'm getting a very odd behaviour in my Skywalker's (with Pixhawk and APM:Plane 3.3.0) RUDDER . While in Manual Mode it responds correctly to the transmitter's input, in other modes managed by APM (Stabilize, FBWA, etc.) not only does it move in the wrong direction but it also bounces along the movement. The video explains this oddity better than words:

Do you guys have any clue on what's going on?

Thanks very much!


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Hi Robert,

in 'Manual' all Tx inputs go directly to the servos. You are supposed to setup the correct direction of the servos in your TX. You must have correct input signals in 'Radio Calibration' and/or 'Fail Safe' screen.

After that you switch to 'Stabilize' and correct the direction of the servos by reversing the direction in MP. Remember when rotating nose down the elevator has to go up and so on. You can look at the outputs at the 'Fail Safe' screen as well. Check the artifical horizon and the 'Fail safe' behaviour as well !

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