Is there any issue with opening mission planner twice, connecting each application to a different UAV with different telemetry radios and flying 2 missions at the same time with one ground station computer?

Thank you

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It works, I've done it.

Hello iskess,

Does the latest version of the MP allow this? what are the parameters that need to changed to achieve that?

Secondly, I want to use 2 uav's in one GCS on the same map? is this possible? Although 2 programs on the same computer shall also work but ona  single program will be much better. I remember the old version of MP allowing 2 serial ports to be opened to connect to 2 Pixhawks, but I never flew with it.

iskess said:

It works, I've done it.

Hi, try UgCS. UgCS Open (free version) allows to control any number of vehicles. Of course there are practical limits, but in software we don't have any limitations for number of controlled vehicles.

You should set different NetID for each pair of radios, each vehicle should have own SYSID_THISMAV parameter value.

We have customers who fly up to 25 vehicles simultaneously. You will see vehicles on one map etc.

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