This thread is to discuss the details of getting SITL running on Windows as documented on this wiki page.

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No, this doesn't works.

Will try to setup ubuntu VM

Hi I've added the line to .bashrc as specified in the new page at

Now when I cd in ardupilot/ArduCopter and then try running

make sitl -j4  and I've also tried it without the -j4

I'm getting the SKETCHBOOK not found error:

../mk/ *** ERROR: cannot determine sketchbook location - please specify on the commandline with SKETCHBOOK=<path>.  Stop.

I cloned it off GitHub and have followed the instructions so far as given. 

I have no idea what to do and any help is appreciated.


Setup sitl on Windows 7. Followed the recipe in the web documentation. Cygwin working fine. Mavproxy installed without errors. Python installed. jbsim installed properly. Built the sitl versions of ArduPlane and ArduCopter sucessfully without errors. Ticks to everything.

When I run Mavproxy from the supplied script I get a graphic with no aircraft icon on it, neither plane nor copter.

If I run the plane Mavproxy crashes complaining about non-existent parameters. thereafter the console is mostly unresponsive. I cannot exit the console. Enter key works. The console prompt remains at "initializing". There is no plane icon on the graphic.

If I run the copter Mavproxy does not crash. The console prompt stays at "stabilized". Commands appear to be recognized but the mode does not change and nothing happens. There is no copter icon on the graphic.

The web documentation is also incorrect. It states the command is -j4 --map. There is no there is a script called which works. What other errors are in the documentation?

I've wasted a day on this. That's enough. I have research to get on with. Pity, I could have made good use of the simulation capability.

If you have a solution let me know.

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