I have been approached with possible installing a Sagetech ADS-B Transponder in a HexCopter using a APM 2.6. The communication with the Transponder is RS-232. Has anyone attempted this in the past. Here is a bit of information on the Transponder.


I am not a Software guy. I only build and install hardware. What would it cost and how hard would it be to integrate control of the transponder with Mission Planner and APM.

Items to control on the transponder:

  1. Changing the Squawk Code
  2. Changing Modes from:
  • Stand By
  • On
  • Altitude report
  • Etc.

Any insite on anyone working on this task would be great. 


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I assume this is to sit on the arducopter while flying?

Yes the Transponder will be on the UA and we would be able to talk to it using MP via the 3dr modem to modify settings on the transponder.,

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