Scratch Built Quadcopter with Inertial Position Tracking

Hi all,

  A couple of weeks ago I got bit by the bug to build a quadcopter from scratch.  I am purchasing the motors, ESC, battery, propellors, ect..., but I am designing and building the frame from raw materials.  I am programming the control system from a blank slate.  One of the things that will make this quad different than many others is that I will be attempting to track it's position in relation to it's start point purely from the accelerometer and gyro.  If that feature is successful, I plan to add the ability for it to fly autonomously by following pre-programmed way-points.  If the inertial position tracking doesn't work out, I'll just reprogram is to use standard Quadcopter controls and have fun with it.

  Here's a link to my Blog where I am writing about the process:

  Let me know what you think.  


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Latest post discussed accelerometer filtering.

My latest quadcopter post is up.

  It discusses why inertial position tracking is not feasible with my current hardware.  This article will come as no surprise to some of you.  I have ideas I still want to try, but for now I will program my quad to use standard controls and have fun with it.

  I have no regrets with about trying.  It has been a fantastic learning experience.

My latest blog post discusses the final parts of the physical build for my Quadcopter.


Very nice an clean build, I like it. Hope it flies well, good luck with the maiden flight.


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