Decades ago, I watched TV show "Wonder Woman" who flew a 'glass-airplane."  Well, here's my see-thru acrylic-glass quad.   The frames, arms and landing-gears made with acrylic-glass. 
Maiden flight this morning with KK2.1 board(soon to be replaced with Naze32), and it flew well! 
The props were not balanced so I expect more stable flight tomorrow. Will mount 1.3Ghz video transmitter soon.

Maiden Flight

-14" arms
-15" frame top/bottom
-RCtime 1000kv motors
-HobbyKing 30a ESC
-Gemfam 10" props
-KK2.1 board
-FrSky D8R-XP receiver
-Mobius camera
-Lumenier TVL 600 fpv cam
-2200mah LiPo

AUW - 1500grams/ 3.3 lbs

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Actually a Y6, but a bit hard to tell from the avatar, I suppose. ;)

I'm fairly new to multicopters, and I've only got my APM 2.6-based 3DR DIY Y6. Having done that, I can't help thinking of a scratch-build quad... I'd probably go with a layout like yours, with a camera mounted in front of the body plates for good visibility.

Have you measured vibrations with this material and different sizes of arm? I'd be interested in some info on that.

I'm thinking of acrylic for the next copter build, but that will be a ways off. More immediately I'm thinking of a project where I'm converting a toy dump truck into RC for my son. I was going to use plywood to build a new body to house batteries and electronics, but acrylic would be cool because he could see the motors working right through it...!

Ha ha; RC dump truck, that's sounds cool!  Let me know how this build is going. Maybe I'll steal some ideas from you for my 7yr old. :) Are you planning on using APM for this RC dump-truck? Very interested.  

I have to say scratch-building my quad was most fun and greatest joy!  The experiencing in flying the multirotors really help me understand what I want for my own quad. I highly recommend you do it; you'll see how easy, and cheaply it can be done!

Second flight today, then forgot to put battery monitor. Had hard-land but still flyable.

Another flight test using Acro Naze32.  THIS IS ONE AMAZING F/C!
Also add the FPV components: 1.2Ghz Tx, 600TVL camera.
Getting into the football spirit.

Drone field-goal.

It will be a simple Arduino + Motor Shield + USB host adapter + bluetooth dongle at first. Two 12V DC motors, a 3S battery, and skid steering. A stepper motor for the dump actuator. PS3 controller to drive. I'm going to use a spare video TX kit to put an FPV camera in the front of it. Maybe a speaker to play some tunes. I'll probably stick some LEDs in there because they make every project cooler, of course.

I say "simple", but lots of little things I didn't think of at first will be required, like having the Arduino monitor battery voltage, power switches so my kid isn't plugging/unplugging XT60 connectors, power-on calibration for the dump actuator motor, LED signalling for low battery warning, etc. :) Making a copter like this must be a great experience if a dump truck is so much fun!

I will post about the project so you can have a look. I'd like to see what you get up to if you build one yourself.

When I upgrade the drone to a Pixhawk Fire cape, I'd like to put the APM into this truck and try out Ardurover, but I'll let my son get a few years older first, so he can truly appreciate automated vehicles. ;)

Pretty smooth video considering you've mounted the camera directly to the frame!

You're right Nick. I was very surprised how steady the video was!
I was only using a double-sided tape to mount the Mobius and expected crappy video.  Guess the acrylic-glass is rigid enough to remove most of the jello-effect.  Here's my latest test flight on my Glass-quad using Naze32 with barometer. Video is still steady.  I've upgraded my Glass-quad with SunnySky X2212 980KV motors(made it more steady) and to Full-version Naze32 with Baro & Mag.  Planning to add carbon-fiber 10" props in few days for more steady flight.  I'm calling this my "Honda" of all the quads/planes I've built:  it just works!  
All this while my TBS Discovery still sits in my garage...

Joshua Tree flight

Naze32 Baro test flight

First FPV flight (using LCD monitor).
It was 6am so the image quality (on LCD) from the Mobius was bad due to poor lighting but the recording was okay.

First FPV on LCD

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