I have this idea or a very curious question in my mind. I am no where near professional though, but i would like it to be answered.

It is known how wind turbines can be used to generate electricity. So is it possible to create a quadcopter that will start with some minimal power by small battery but in time will sustain and keep its system on by self generating electricity and keep on rotating its rotors on its own without other external supply?

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Apparently it is hopeless to try to encourage people to stop smugly ridiculing this poster by constant references to perpetual motion.  His question can be read to be asking if wind energy can keep an aircraft aloft. So, let's look at it another way. If you think that only some mistaken belief in perpetual motion can explain this fellows question, then you might also think that a slightly awkward description of a kite would involve some fundamental violations of the laws of physics. How can something just hang up in the sky, indefinitely defying gravity?? "Impossible!",  you might proclaim loudly. So who would look ridiculous then? 

I might also think you are ridiculous for insinuating that I might hypothetically be ridiculous.


 Seriously though, the OP did not word his question very clearly. As it stands it looks like a question of perpetual motion.  Otherwise he might be looking for one of these: GyroKite.  They are fun little toys.  It would be interesting to see if you could make a multirotor version, and have some control of the individual rotor speeds for stability/control.. Unnecessarily complex, but might be a fun project.


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