does anyone of you guys know where I can define a new Parameter, which i can observe in MP? I want to record the TROTTLE_CRUISE. I could overwrite an existing parameter but I am not sure whether this will work. Any Ideas?

Were in the code is this information send to MavLink?

Thanks! Georg

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Is there anyone, who could help us with this?

Up to now we have just overwritten an existing value. We took one, we are not interested in right now. But that's not a proper solution. So we would like to know how to track some new variables in QGroundControl. I think we have to change the ardupilotmega.xml in the message_definitions of mavlink and then generate the C-files. Which further changes in the code of arducopter are necessary?

And if someone of you guys is working with QGroundControl: What do we have to change in the code of QGroundControl, so it gets the newly sent variables?

Thanks for any reply in advance!


It's some time ago we had this problem. But here a little sum up what to do if you are in the same situation.

The simplest way is to overwrite a variable you don't use at the moment.

To send a new variable you have to write your own MAVLink library (the xml file) and then generate the C++ code with the generator provided by MAVLink (on their homepage). This code then needs to be integrated into the Arducopter code on your copter and into your ground station as well. I don't know how this works with MissionPlanner. But it's possible with QGroundControl by just making a new built. So this takes a lot of time and is usually not the way to go.

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