Just wondering if anyone flies one of these as a plain airframe with an APM? Does Sensefly even sell the airframe on it's own? And how does it fly as a pilots airplane, or in FPV?

Really like the look of the airframe, but want to do my own build.

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Got an EPP version I've been testing. a lot of fun..


What sort of wing profile is used ? That is quite a short wing area for such a lift

My guestimate lipo + AP + GPS + camera + motor + prop + ESC = 600 grams

Stall speed must also be quite high ...

I think the X5 is a good substitute for Sensefly. I had four so far. It's not that bulky with the wing tips removed. I got my mum to sew a carrier bag to carry it around.  

nice guess 690 grams - 

I'm using a APM with air-data .. I've yet had a wing-tip stall.  Into the wind it does close to 20 degree decent.  It's a great flier..  85 flights over the summer with no issues.  Started working on a higher endurance version with two bay access.

Here is our airframe. The "Bateleur" designed and build entirely in Namibia. Made from EPP and is very durable made for the African bush. The cameras it can carry range from a Samsung NX mini to a Samsung NX1000 to a Sony NEX 5 or 6 or 7 and even the new A5100 or A6000 for up to 45 minutes.



I like it !

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