I need to connect the storm32 controller to the serial port 5 of the pixhawk in order to control the gimbal using the RC.

I have tried with two different pixhawk and I am not able to carry out this task.

Configuring serial ports 4 and 5 with the storm32 gimbal serial protocol and with baudrate 115, port 4 works correctly and I am able to move the gimbal but not on port 5.

I am wondering if the serial port 5 of the pixhawk is ready for this, since it does not work for me in any of my two pixhawks.

I am using the latest version of arducopter 3.4.6 Hexa and mission planner 1.3.45

My real problem is that, due to the great integration of systems in the pixhawk, I do not have enough serial ports to connect some of them, such as gimbal, is there any way to solve this problem?

Thank you very much.

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Serial 5 is the nuttx console, you'd need to disable it to use for something else.
CANBus for some peripherals might be worth you looking into, to free uart's

That's good to know!

Can you tell me how to disable the nuttx console and use it as a normal serial port? I can't find much info about this on google.

I have SERIAL5_PROTOCOL set to 8 (SToRM32 Gimbal Serial) and SERIAL5_BAUD to 115 (115200), but it seems it's not enough. Maybe I'm missing something.


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