I was having many problems with 3.1.11 MP release. So, rather stupidly, I updated to the latest beta. Most of my prior issues were gone, good.

I do a pre-launch calibration after the accels and barometer have warmed up. I took off (fixed wing) went to Auto and noticed the plane was in a constant roll of +12 degrees! I RTL'd. When I got home I tried to figure out what went wrong. After a couple hours, I quite accidentley found that doing the pre-flight calibration had set "level" for the plane. Well my plane was not level but that's where the IMU thought level was.

Beware if you use the pre-flight cal.


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Hi Steven:

Thank you for the post.  I too had issues with 1.2.11 Mission Planner.  The problem I encountered was the fact that instead of flying at the designated 400 feet AGL, it flew to 1,300 feet!

I have since updated to 1.3.12 and will check test it out this afternoon.



Yep, I had that too but I knew what it was since I had the same issue on a prior MP update. The update defaulted you to meters! Guess what 3.28 x 400 is? :-))

So Steve - for those of us who launch with a catapult launcher, this can be a serious problem.  Thanks again.

The ft is meters bug bit me too. Luckily I started questioning the giant WP Radius rings before I climbed too high.
Thanks for the heads up on the preflight calibration change. I don't know the reason for such a change. I use preflight calibration before every flight, I certainly can't be trying to keep the plane level. I can't imagine this is a bug, it must be intentional. There is a parameter that might help. It's called SKIP_GYRO_CAL.

Steve, you should be reporting these bugs on github so they are tracked.
Thanks again.

Yes, I keep forgetting about github but sometimes when I post a problem or ask for help, it gets ignored. Here there seems to be more help.

btw, MP 1.3.12 was released and it guess what, "flightdata: PREFLIGHT_CALIBRATION do gyro cal as well". I haven't tested it yet but this could very well mean preflight cal sets a new "level". I don't really agree that this is a good thing.


Okay, I just confirmed that using preflight calibration in 1.3.12 will reset "level". IMO, this is a really bad idea. Maybe I'm missing something???

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