hi all again :)

i am getting a lot of servo jitter on my middle switch. i have them setup as


manual is fine, rock solid
i get a lot of constant jitter and twitch on stabilize and the imu is very still
and a little bit not as bad jitter on fly by wire

i have tried the servo optocoupler im an not 100% sure i am using it correct.

i put it between the RX and the ardupilot board and i am still getting jitter, i tried between the ardupilot board and the servo's and it kills everything, no movement from anything on any switch position.

i am running a 3cell 11.1v 5000mah battery from the ESC through the ardupilot board then onto the RX.

the wirediagram is where i put the servo optocoupler  the orange square.

a  few other pictures without the servo optocoupler attached.

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Hi Michael,

If you use the optocouplers, you need an independent power supply for the servos. That's why they don't work on the board to servo side.

Please upload your config file and I'll try to diagnose your setup.
files attached
Can you try #define RADIO_TYPE 1

Also, just want to confirm that you've soldered your underboard jumper wires as described here.
makes it worse on Type 1 ( not to mention goes full throttle when u click the switch up one :D )

disconnected the motor and gave it a few goes, stabilization is worse, fly by wire has less jitter.

i read somewhere in the manual i should be TYPE 0 for my JR 2.4ghz radio i have a JR11X
I have exactly the same problem with version 2.7 (the servos are rock steady in version 2.6). I raised an issue here http://code.google.com/p/ardupilot/issues/detail?id=19&can=1 concerning it. Jason thinks that it is a resource issue that can either be fixed by reducing the load on the Arduino (no GCS, no radio setup etc.) or waiting until another release uses better libraries. I could not stop my servos jittering by altering the headers so will wait until a new version is released and try again.
so should i give 2.6 a go ?
could the gain on the IMU have anything to do with it, in particular this part

// LPR530 & LY530 Sensitivity (from datasheet) => 3.33mV/º/s, 3.22mV/ADC step => 1.03
// Tested values : 0.96,0.96,0.94
#define Gyro_Gain_X 0.92 //X axis Gyro gain
#define Gyro_Gain_Y 0.92 //Y axis Gyro gain
#define Gyro_Gain_Z 0.94 //Z axis Gyro gain
#define Gyro_Scaled_X(x) x*ToRad(Gyro_Gain_X) //Return the scaled ADC raw data of the gyro in radians for second
#define Gyro_Scaled_Y(x) x*ToRad(Gyro_Gain_Y) //Return the scaled ADC raw data of the gyro in radians for second
#define Gyro_Scaled_Z(x) x*ToRad(Gyro_Gain_Z) //Return the scaled ADC raw data of the gyro in radians for second

because flicking to stabilization to me its the IMU taking over and starts the jitter similar to setting up a heli gyro ?
i gave 2_6_2 ago and its working fine .. no jitter.

I have the same problem. When i switch to stabilize the servo starts to jitter a bit. It does not happen in the 2.6 version, but in that version the servo reacts very dull, so i want to stick with the 2.7 version. Even if i dont change anything in the code and just upload the standard version it jitters...


anyone found the problem yet?

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