So I attempted to integrate my new APM 2.6 on a Foamie Mig-29 (Banana Hobby). I originally had every thing hooked up right, the signal wires from each corresponding channel going from the receiver to the input rails, then on the output rails I just hooked the signal wires up from each servo that was going to be controlled. They are powered by an external BEC, as soon as I turn my Transmitter/Radio on the servos start going berserk, shouting, WHO HAS AWOKEN ME FROM MY SLUMBER! lol.

I have looked around and I am unable to really find anything on it, other than maybe a possible PPM issue perhaps? The radio is an uber cheap Sky Flight Hobby that came with a RTF setup (Huge mistake, nothing but kits for me from now on :). So any one have any pointers or tips that I could try to get rid of that servo jitter? Just to clarify it is not micro twitching or anything like that, it is like it throws the arm all the way to the left, then comes back maybe 1 mm and then goes back to the left. I have everything up on my desk at the moment and can try anything, thanks for your help in advanced!

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Well I guess I will find out when I get my new Radio here in a couple of weeks. I am assuming it is the general cheapness of one of those included radios that is doing it as it only happens once I turn on the transmitter. I will update this post whenever I receive it.


How are you powering your APM2.6?



I am using the XT-60 Power Module. I am powering the servos using an external bec. It's funny though, I have all of the channels from my receiver going to the input rail of the APM. Only the signal wire was used, then ofcourse on the output rail, I have only signal wires coming off of it. I power up the receiver, no servo jitter, but as soon as I switch the transmitter on,it goes crazy. 

I saw this post few months late :s.. I am facing the same issue.. if you figured it our by now please let me know what you did.

The receiver and APM need to share a common ground. Instead of just using only the signal wire.

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