Hi all!  Thanks for all of the help you have already lent me in getting started with my 3DR Y6. 

The Pixhawk is looking for mode selection information to come to it via Channel 5, where it is finding my gear switch.  How do I get Pixhawk and the DX7 to cooperate to use the 3-position Flaps switch for mode control instead?  I'm using a Spektrum Satellite receiver, so I can't just swap some connectors. 

I'm using MissionPlanner.  I tried qgroundcontrol, because I noticed it has channel numbers in the advanced radio calibration screen. However, I was not able to modify those, and they all just remained set to "1".  I also didn't have any options in the "select controller" dropdown box. 

Thanks for the help!


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have already made the change in the code to add RCMOD_ for FLIGHTMODE, TUNE,AUX1 and AUX2

I have also tested it and it works.

Im waiting for response from the core developers and hopefully it will be merged and made public in the next release.

In the mean time if someone wants the .hex file im happy to supply it without any guarantee what so ever :)

it's based on the latest developer code and may contain serious faults since there is quite a bit of new untested features coming out.

Well that's just pretty awesome!  Thanks!  I'll plan to wait for the release, I think. 

I would imagine modifications like this don't instantly make it into Mission Planner.  Is there a guide somewhere to setting parameters like this that aren't available in the GUI?  ...or will every parameter show up immediately in MP somehow? 

They appear in mission planner without description or any info what so ever but you can still use them

Excellent.  Can you give me a quick rundown on how it would need to be set to allow flight modes to be set by the Channel 6 (RC6) coming in from the Spektrum?

I would also hope to see RC5 in the list of channels available to use as a pass-through or to appear in the list of inputs for camera pan, roll, and yaw. I currently use the Gimbal configuration to set incoming RC7 to control output RC9, with MP thinking I'm using that to control camera roll.  I'm really using it for an RCCC Camera switch.  I would like to use RC5 for camera pan.  

Any idea of the timeframe for the next release (a month versus 6 months sort of estimate, maybe?)

I appreciate your help with this.  

Like i said. I have added RCMAP to all channels up to 8. you can do whatever you like including what you are asking. i have to refer to the wiki on the other stuff. they all work the same way as the ones for THR Roll pitch and yaw. If you want the hex file send me a pm with your email and your frame type (hex tri quad whatever). i can not offer any support on the new features so you are on your own on this one from now.

BE WARE!! There is a lot of new parameters in this firmware. You need to read everything about them before you take off or you will crash!!

Even if you set everything up right you might crash due to bugs (which is why it is not released yet)

I regard this issue Closed as the original question is answered.


Thanks.  I'll send you my e-mail.  

I'm relatively new and noticed that what you posted last year concerning multiple flight modes are the troubles I*'m currently having with my DX9.

Do you know if the feature you suggested (RCMOD_ for FLIGHTMODE) has been incorporated into the Pixhawk firmware? If not is it possible to get a copy of your HEX code (and brief description).  :)



Hey, im not sure if you ever got six modes figured out, but I did using my DX7 Heli, using the 3 pos flight mode switch and gear switch.... here is what I used for mixing.

D/R switch select : comm rudd

input select Aux 2: Inh / Aux2 trim :Inh

Flap : System / Flap Trim: Inh

Under Travel Adjust I set Gear to +93% and -10%

Under Flap Sys I set

Norm Up 100%

Mid Dn 50%

Land Dn 100%

Then under Program Mix 1 I set

Flap->Gear  On

Rate: -20%


SW: on

Offset: 0

You may have to play with the travel adjustment while in Mission Planner flight modes, but these settings worked for me, now my DX7 and Spektrum satellite rec. are working great with my 550 Carbon Bumblebee quadrotor.... It took me quite a while to figure this out, and I tried a bunch of different guys mix's with no success before stumbling on this. Hope this helps someone out there!


Thanks.  Good info.

I got 6 modes working, but I was after the elusive 7th channel.

yep, im there too now. six modes are fine, but id like to set up auto tune to work with the aux2 switch. and i have a turnigy receiver controlled on/off switch. basically a relay. id like to be able to turn off/on LED's.... im thinking i should be able to program one of the unused servo pins to act as AUX2? im only using pin set1 to control my gimbal tilt servo, to keep the camera level in flight. i dont have it set up to manually tilt or anything. all the other pins are free, except pin6, which the CC Bec is plugged into.... If i was using a standard receiver, with AUX2 plug, it would be easy, but im using the Spektrum satellite receiver.



hey I've come across this thread because im trying to setup my DT7 and DR16 with a pixhawk quadcopter, I have already tried opening up the transmitter and swapping the channels round however the wrong pwm outputs were broadcasted because i'm trying to swap the gimbal pitch control (Broadcasted as channel 5) with the flight mode switch (channel 6). I have searched through the parameter list on mission planner and i cannot find any of the variables you mentioned. Have they been renamed? Or did the development team ignore your idea? Thanks! It would also be great to some how still use the gimbal pitch control if that is at all possible....

Thanks Again! Henry

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