Setting home location accurately (within a few meters)

I have a problem, that the GPS is not particularly accurate by the time the home location is set automatically. My home location is often 50m away in some random direction, which (since I live in a city) is often close to a road.

I have put in a feature request to be able to specify the number of satellites the GPS must see before it sets my home location. From using Remzibi's OSD in the past I found 9 satellites was a good number for me.

While I wait for that to eventually be implemented I'm wondering about other ways to set home. I know I can do it with the mission planner, but since I don't have a telemetry radio that's proving a little difficult. I have JP1 off and power my APM2 with 2 separate BECs. I'm pretty sure I can't plug the USB cable in while a BEC is connected to the input rail, as I believe this causes smoke.

Would it be possible to create a custom USB cable with the +5V wire cut and use that to connect the mission planner while the BEC was powering the APM2? Otherwise, is it possible to pre-set my home location while I'm at home? (hehe) 

Any other possible solutions I've over looked?

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Yeah ok, maybe I was a bit optimistic there. Then again, I am still searching for other workarounds.

I've realized I could hit the reset button to reboot the APM2 once the GPS has an accurate location. Except that I've put it right under my Bixler's COG and I can't reach the button without pulling the plane apart, lol.

There is a row of pads along the side next to the reset button, I don't suppose two of them are for an external reset button?

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