APM Copters are setting their home position when arming

APM Planes are setting their home position at power on

Why this???

I really appreciate APM copters behavior as it RTL to the place it was started

I would NEVER want a plane to RTL to a position where it was powered on. Normally beside the field, or at a bench.

Is this my misunderstanding? I cannot find the reason for this different behavior.

Many thanks in advance


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This has been long discussed in many threads but I don't know the reason why Plane sets home at GZpS lock rather than arming. The solution supplied by the Devs has been Rally Points. Set a Rally Point and it will always RTL loiter there. The other option is to use a DO_LAND_START and set the parameters to allow the plane to just begin the approach to auto land without ever loitering overhead.


I know how to get around the problem so I just wanted to know why it is like it is.



I understood it is done like this so you can power up at one place and move the aircraft elsewhere (for example onto my catapult mounted onto a truck) I dont want it to RTL to my truck if I arm it on the catapult which is normal. 

That make sense.

In a future update maybe it can be selectable.

Drones can also be started from a truck...



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