Shame it is not April 1 -- All our FAA fears could be over with this idea

I am amazed at the ingenuity of THIS device.

MX-X1 FAA Compliance Kit

Fly Your Multirotor Commercially for HIRE Legal in USA

And to think, I could start my own commercial multirotor business with this guy's help!

(clipped from his listing just because it won't be there forever)

"What is it?"
The MX-X1 Kit is a small 3D Printed Spindle with two metal protrusions sticking out of the bottom so it can be stuck in the ground.  The spindle comes spooled with 149 feet of thin, military grade nylon line.   One end of the line is secured to the spool and the other end attaches to the bottom of your Multirotor.  The altitude of  149 feet is highest altitude allowed  without having blinking lights attached to the line spaced every feet.

We have work very closely with the FFA over the past year and spent upwards of $18,000, drawings, time spent and structure analysis to come up with this simple, but effective solution that now opens a legal door to the world of new business opportunities  for Multirotor Pilots.  The FAA Granted us a Compliance statement to use this particular product we designed commercially for hire. They then granted us the ability to transfer this Compliance statement to anyone who purchase one of these products as long as we keep track of every unit sold with a serial number and take do the paperwork for the audits.

"Why cant I tie a string to my multirotor for free and use it the same way?"
You can........ You just need to do what we did. Go to the FAA Website and  find the paperwork for airworthiness and compliance.  Once you fill out all 50  pages then you need to describe exactly how it will be used with diagrams and strength analysis of every element of the device from the line to bolts that hold it together. Submit is and then wait.  You may need to redo the drawings multiple times as we did, then answer detailed questions for all elements of the product until they are satisfied. 

The bottom line is......if you truly want to start or run a business with your Multirotor LEGALLY you need to have an  Official Compliance Package Statement from the FAA, end of story.  If you don't then your breaking the law.   We did all the hard work for you. The purchase price allows us to recoup our cost for development and time and transfer our FAA Compliance Paperwork in your name.  

What do I get for $99? 
You get a Compliance Certificate  with a serial number that ties  MX-X1 Complaint Kit you purchased to you. You also get the tethered mechanism described above.   It's really a great piece of mind to have this product if your serious  about running a business for Aerial Photography or inspection with a Multirotor.

How to complete your purchase?

Purchase the unit via this auction, then we will provide us your name/company, type of multi-copter your using, location it will be operated and then your done.  We will send you a quick form via e-mail to fill out and then your legal.  If you have questions about the product please visit there is videos and product information.  

That's it!  In 5-7 days you will receive your kit with instructions and certificates. NOW YOUR LEGAL to pursue Commercial Work.  Congratulations!!!

(in this day and time you would think they would use a grammar checker of some kind...)

There you have it DIY Drone folk, the answer to all US multirotor flyer problems!

I wonder if he will take a check from a Nigerian bank account??

Happy Holiday!


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Oh dear

I wonder if 3DR knows that their name (along with a bunch of others) appears in the spiel on their Web site... Also there is at least one other retailer hawking this thing, do some Google searches and you'll see.


Tethered or not, it's under FAA jurisdiction, kites and balloons included.

So the next time you get your kid a balloon on a string at the carnival, keep a sharp look out for the FAA enforcers.

This thing is nonsense right up there with the free Nigerian Lamborgini.

For now, we all wait with baited breath for the FAA's next move.

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