Hi everyone,

I'm creating this thread to share your drone/copter information. I believe, this would help immensely for newbies like me during the initial build. For example, the Chris's blog on cheap Hobby King quad configuration is really a good resource.  

I don't want to burden anyone who is willing to share their info. Hence all fields are optional. Atleast the first 5 fields are ideal. Please find the list of fields to copy/paste at the end, so you can start filling :-). 

Here goes information about my quad.

frame: Quadcopter (3DRobotics)
controller/autopilot: APM1
esc: 20A (3DRobotics)
motors: 850Kv (3DRobotics)
propellers: 10x47, APC (3DRobotics)
motor to motor distance: -- inches

battery:  4S 3300mAh (Turnigy nano-tech)
total weight: -- lbs
flying time: 15 minutes (average)

radio: Turnigy 9X 
video/osd: none
other: Sonar, Xbee, GPS/Mag, Attopilot current sensor



Turnigy 9X: Mode1 -> Mode2 change, Li-ion battery hack





motor to motor distance: -- inches

total weight: -- lbs
flying time:


Misc (hacks/mods):


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Super!. Do you use FPV? if so any googles you use?

Ruwan, not doing FPV yet but was going to be my next step.

I was thinking to buy Fatshark 922 Headset to add to my video receiver.


Anybody has feedback on them?

Here's my work in progress. Had the first flight yesterday!

frame: Hexacopter + (mashup of different parts)
controller/autopilot: APM1
motors: 2210N 1000kv
esc: Turnigy Plush 30A
propellers: 10x4.7, APC SF

battery:  Turnigy 3S 5000mAh
flying time: Currently unknown. Still tuning and working out the kinks. Will test shortly.

radio: Turnigy 9X
video/osd: eventually
other: Sonar, Xbee, Optical Flow, Attopilot current sensor coming soon


Turnigy 9X: LiPo Battery

Camera Mount: x468 with mods (pics to come)


Nice Hexa, However, I have one question. 

How do you make sure the APM1 stay in the same place? I feel like it could move up and down with respect to the frame. I know the friction would keep it in place, but just wondering..



I am actually trying to investigate whether it moves or not(and causes significant problems). So far it has been pretty good. It hasn't moved and is not seeing much effect of the motor vibrations.

I may have to figure out a new way to mount the APM1 if it becomes a problem. I am looking at using some sort of rubber or silicone mount instead of the o-rings. Just haven't figured out how I would do it yet.

frame: Quadcopter (jdrones)

controller/autopilot: APM1

motors: 850Kv (jdrones)

esc: 20A (jdrones)

propellers: 10x45 (jdrones)

battery:  3S 5000mAh (Turnigy nano-tech)


radio: Turnigy 9X with er9x and Smartieboard - 3S 2650 mAh LiPo

video/osd: GoPro HD2 with Rangevideo 1.3 Ghz video transmiter/receiver

other: Sonar XL-EZ0, Xbee 900 Mhz., GPS/Mag, Attopilot current sensor 90A

misc: jdrones GoPro Camera Mount

Weigth: 1540 gr.

My Base Station Diagram


Not exactly DIY in the purest sense, but here is my latest build. She hasn't maidened yet. Still balancing the props.

frame: Droidworx AD8-HL
controller/autopilot: APM2
motors: Avroto 2814 770Kv 
esc: DYS 30A w/SimonK firmware
bec: Castle Creations (programmed for 5.1v)
propellers: 11x4.7, APC

camera gimbal: Photohigher AV200 

battery:  4S2P 6600mAh
flying time: not yet determined

frame: diy wood, from: a open source frames project in google code
controller/autopilot: APM 1.0;
motors: XXD 2212 1000kv;
esc: hobbywing SkyWalker-20A
propellers: 10*4.5

battery:  flower power 2200ma 20c s31p
flying time: about 15min

radio: futaba t8fg

Looks pretty slick. How effective is the noise filter on the sonar? I use a shielded cable but still get a fairly spiky signal.

Hey guys,

here is my build :) hope you like it.

frame: Custom design and scratch built

controller/autopilot: ardumega with acelerometers and sonar

motors: https://store.diydrones.com/Motor_AC2830_358_880Kv_p/ac-0004-05.htm

esc: https://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__11616__Turnigy_AE_25A_B...

propellers: https://store.diydrones.com/APC_Propeller_set_11X47_SFP_Style_p/ac-...

battery: Turnigy nanotech 6000mah (they should be two now i only have one)

flying time: 5,000 mah for 9 minutes of flight with no payload

radio: PCM 72MHZ going to go 2.4 soon

video: will mount 900mhz 1 W video TX

 other: camera gimbal 3 axis scratch built

Misc (hacks/mods): none yet


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