Hi everyone,

I'm creating this thread to share your drone/copter information. I believe, this would help immensely for newbies like me during the initial build. For example, the Chris's blog on cheap Hobby King quad configuration is really a good resource.  

I don't want to burden anyone who is willing to share their info. Hence all fields are optional. Atleast the first 5 fields are ideal. Please find the list of fields to copy/paste at the end, so you can start filling :-). 

Here goes information about my quad.

frame: Quadcopter (3DRobotics)
controller/autopilot: APM1
esc: 20A (3DRobotics)
motors: 850Kv (3DRobotics)
propellers: 10x47, APC (3DRobotics)
motor to motor distance: -- inches

battery:  4S 3300mAh (Turnigy nano-tech)
total weight: -- lbs
flying time: 15 minutes (average)

radio: Turnigy 9X 
video/osd: none
other: Sonar, Xbee, GPS/Mag, Attopilot current sensor



Turnigy 9X: Mode1 -> Mode2 change, Li-ion battery hack





motor to motor distance: -- inches

total weight: -- lbs
flying time:


Misc (hacks/mods):


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Also do you have any diagrams you would share?

I was replying to you Justin. Well, It'll be great if you can describe a bit of your controller? most of the controllers in this thread is APM1 or APM2. I see you are using a different one. A small, rough diagram would be great! :-)



Thanks Justin!


Few weeks ago, I got my Purple APM2. As I had an Y6 project for FPV and Cam work, I worked on a personal custom frame.

Latest design with a VTail flew today. Classic Y6 was fine (still struggling with PID settings but after discovering that I have to set Acro before Level all is quite OK now) but I developed VTails for my Quads (MultiWii), I wanted to experiment the formula on Y6.

So here is some data and pictures:

frame: Custom VTail Y6 - lenght from center to motor is 11"

controller: APM2

motors: KDA A20-22L

esc: Turnigy 25A

propellers: APC 10x4.7

battery: 2 Lipo 3S/2200or 2600mA

weight 1680g

Flying time: 10mn

radio: Futaba Fasst

Misc: Motor placement is altered: CCW 1 is TOP, CW 5 is BOTTOM

CCW 6 is Right VTail, CW 4 is Left VTail

Frame can accept 11" propellers.






Just an update with live photos

Nice. Went through your flickr stream as well. Couple of questions, Do you have different configurations, or are they iterations of this? What is the angle of V in V-Tail? 

BTW, love to see a video if available.




VTail angle is 120°. Yaw is snappy with it.

Should fly it indoor tonight and make a video.

I have also two Quads.

Small one (700g) with 8" props with an Inverted VTail (140°) and a larger one (1060g) with a normal VTail (120°) and 10" props, the same parts as the Y6 presented.

Smal Quad is Paris v4 Sirius board. It is my first VTail.

Large Quad is with Paris v4 and FreeIMU 4.3. I had some work in progress with the Z-Hold PID with it.


Video is in progress

Indoor flight. Mostly in Stable mode.


Here is a cool idea I came up with to mount my controller board.

They are out of an automobile cd player. These out of a 1997 pontiac Grand Am Deck. The pins are removable. i plan on mounting the screws to the APM then epoxy to the frame. They are friction fit so easy to re & re.



@Barry, any pics?

You might be interested to read this post before going to lots of trouble mounting the board on floating grommets.


The comment on this post  by Ron Curry is particularly interesting where vibration dampening has been well researched by the standard rc heli world and you can buy purpose made anti vibration tape which has proven to be the best solution. In many cases using floating grommets can actually make the situation worse. Take a read.

Thanks for the insight, I'll send pics of what Im doing now instead. Should be on Sunday night.


Cheers, Thanks

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