I'm having some tough days tuning my quad with ACM2. When you are not using the standard arducopter frame it's great to find another ACM member with a frame similar to yours and he shares his PIDs with you (Thanks Emile).

Could diydrones setup a place to share tunning parameters (not only PIDs) among arducopter members?

Do you think it could be useful?

Ardupirates used to collect this information in a publicly shared google doc:

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Yes this is a very good idea, who can create a document?

'Tis a great idea. A spreadsheet with info particular to each setup for an apples to apples comparison would be ideal.

Can we ask the moderators to set up a new one, with an input interface so we can all lodge our particular set up info?

I'll message Chris Anderson, see if he's keen.


Before starting to add information I would like to listen to Chris/Jason or any arducopter dev team member for his opinion and what way they see better to share the information (wiki?, google doc?)

At the moment maybe we could discuss/complete the fields that should be contained:

druckgott, to your proposal I would add:
NAV_TEST // 0 = traditional, 1 = rate controlled
YAW_OPTION // 0 = hybrid rate approach, 1 = offset Yaw approach, 2 = simple hybrid

For frame remember to add the number of motors plus the orientation:


For software we should be accurate, something like 2.0.26

Also a last field of observations always is useful to enter any additional info about non standard setups.

yes you are right.

I think earvy person can also add points, so, at the moment I have no idea how we can do this.

I think best is, to get a selection for the Frame and the Oriantation.

Or what do you mean?

Actually, we already have just that for APM here: http://code.google.com/p/ardupilot-mega/wiki/ConfigFiles

You can save config files from the Mission Planner, so there's no need for a spreadsheet or manually entering them. I'll set up a similar repository for AC2 and post instructions on how to submit your config files.

Thanks for the good reminder to extend this to AC2!
I've now posted on the new repository. Can you please submit your config files there?


Many thanks!
Chris, the config files have two sets of data:
- Frame specific: frame type, orientation, PIDs...
- User specific: for example, radio min/max...

It's good to have a ready to use config file to be loaded into MP (and you don't need to write again all those awful parameters) but as you probably cannot use it directly with your setup (because of radio for example) it takes some time to download each one, open it and look for the parameters you are interested

IMHO it would be better a single page where I can find with a quick look, for example, what is the maximum yawP that is working for any member with 50cm M2M and KDA 20-22L motors....

I'm pretty sure it could be useful even for the developers to see how users are configuring its copters.

Looking for more opinions from the community.

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