Hi All,

Started flying yesterday and am building confidence to start flying my Sony Nex5 but I'm going to strap it under the batterie and shoot direct down for our new www.floorink.com gallery. I'm going to shoot all textures through the seasons that can be used for floor images, I'm starting next weekend with Bluebells. All the tiles ie *Files* will be cropped at 2m x 2m (7' x7')
if you want you join in let me know.



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Been busy  and the weather has been not so good.

I have not done the ground shots yet. This is the kind of vegetation common over here. (Oil palm plantations)


Hi hightechhobbie - Which Pentax did you Get? The quality looks good, good enough for GIS, 


a few straight down's from my rig

Hi Matt, Thanks for the images, this is perfect and going in the right direction. I've been of DIY Drones for a while getting other things in place for the business. The floor concept is going well and we are very close to launching the new gallery, so i'll keep you up to speed. Sorry for the very late reply

Are you still using the Nex5, if so how did you end up converting the HDMI to AV, I see Foxtech has a nice hdmi to av converter for $50......Don

Hi Don, I just use a separate fpv camera mounted near the lens.  I'm not sure how much lag these HDMI to AV converters have.  If you try one, let me know your thoughts on it.

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