I have what seems to be a fully functional ArduIMU v2.  I can program it via Arduino IDE and see the output on the serial console.  Everything seems to be working quite fine but there is a peculiarity that I have not been able to reconcile.

When I measure the resistance between VCC (5V) and GND (ground) I get a reading of 34 Ohms... in fact, the multi-meter catalogs it as a short circuit.  Furthermore, if I measure the current consumption of the board, once it finishes the ground start routine, I measure roughly 145mA.  The peculiarity here is that if there WAS a short, I would expect 147mA due to the short in addition to the power consumption of the 3.3 regulator, sensors, ATMega, etc.  yet all I measure is 145mA.

Does anybody know why there's I'm reading such a low resistance between the power rails, yet have what seems to be a functional board?  

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Measuring the resistance across 5V and GND on several pins for one of our ArduIMU's here at the store, the resistance is hundreds of kilo ohms. It could be a faulty capacitor on your board, shorting but not fully. If you have something with a very low resistance on the board, it will work, but it will draw a lot of current.

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