Hi All,

Fairly new to all of this and got my APM 2.5 last week, Keen to test it out I fired up HIL Sim + X-Plane 10 and was having major problems with control, After reading all I could and resetting everything many times along with calibrations etc etc I pull MP and APM out of the loop.

Surprise Surprise It looks like X-Plane 10, Just removing the brakes on the ground causes the PT-60 to pull HARD to the left under 0.030 reported power. Now I understand there is some pull from the forces of the prop but this seems.... odd. Is this legit or an issue? I'm having a hard time with the PT-60 pram file in MP getting it off the ground and in flight I see a salaom type path between way points.

I get the feeling this is going to be something simple or silly I just haven't done but I'm out of ideas right now

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Were you able to find the solution??

Hi -- try one of the param file I have attached.

Take off in manual -- get it level.  Then switch to stabilize, and see how it works.

If good, put the airplane back on the ground, set a few simple waypoints in the

flight planner, take off in manual, get it level, and then switch to auto.  Click 

the "restart mission" button and the auto button (again) in the flight data / actions screen.

Good luck!


HI guys

I get this issue, why is the plane pulling left so much? I get the same issue in X plane and flightgear

I have tried the first parameter file but will try the modified one and post the result, but it just seems wrong, yet on calibration it all looks good and the elevator and throtle seem  to work without floor. Do you have to use stablise for some reason?

Hope you can help

I'm not understanding this either... the very strong pull to the left... and a slalom (snake path) path in Auto mode... its like its trimmed roll and yaw to the left.  It's not the propeller effect. as you can try the modeled jets and they do it as well.

I've tried a full reset, reset all the parameters, tried other parameters.

The MP Flight Data doesn't look right either.  The GPS coordinates are coming through OK, so the plane is on the right airport/runway.

But the HUD is crazy, it doesn't match up with the X-Plane HUD.  

I'm running MP 1.2.88, and X-Plane 10...with the arduplane HIL 2.76.

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