I have been trying for the last couple of days to get my ESCS that came preflashed with SimonK firware.


I am using a ar8000 spektrum receiver module. I can not for the life of me get the 4th beep when trying to calibrate the throttle on the ESCs with this receiver. Maybe someone out there has a bit more experience with SimonK and spektrum receivers. Any help from the community is appreciated...



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Ouch!  Sorry you are having problem - especially like this.  Hopefully you didn't get sand into your motors.  

Unfortunately I don't have any "easy fix" ideas for this type of problem.  I also have a T690 with Naza v2.  Have you carefully checked the soldier of all the electronics?  To make sure there's not a bad connection or barely "hanging on" wire or soldier joint?  With vibration these things can easily happen.  If they wiring is all good what I can tell you is I've been reading that other pilots (with a lot of hours on their craft) are having similar problems using Simon-K ESCs and have switched back to regular ESCs.  I highly recommend Hobbywing Platinum Pro 30A ESCs.  I've been flying with there for quite a while and have not had any problems.

Let us know if you find the problem Todd.  


At what point do you believe there is a stall? It seems to me like you just ran out of power or lowered the throttle too far and scraped the ground...am I missing something?

Hi Simon, Thanks for the reply

Guess it could look that way in the video, but the problem actually first shows at 10 seconds in the video. I'm slowly descending with a small amount of yaw (no other stick) - then suddenly the front left motor cuts out and the copter violently pitches/rolls forward/left, I recover it just shy of the ground, then just as I apply more power then it cuts out again and goes into an uncontrolled yaw - at which point, I cut my looses and kill the throttle...

Normally I would think loose joint/faulty wiring, but this isn't the first time this happened and its never the same motor, last time it happened 10cm from landing and the right middle motor cut-out, busting a prop on the concrete...prior to this it's happened twice at 10-15m high and recovered straight away, but I'm now running 13" props so I'm guessing that's hampering the quick recovery.

PS flying in atti mode


Thanks for the reply Chris - good info, see below reply to Simon

Hi Todd,

Having similar behavior on my tricopter.

In mid flight, one of the motors just stalls... 

Motors: 480KV Turnigy Multistar 22 Pole
Props: 1555 Carb
ESC: Afro ESC 30Amp (SimonK Firmware)
Controller: Multiwii Pro
Battery: 4S 5000mA

video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPwrfnkcxvg

Switched the ESC's for Turnigy Plush.

Flies great now...

I to are having issues with the DIY 40AMP None BEC SimonK flashed ESC's, On the ground and in the air, randomly one of the 6 motors stops spinning and the one that is not spinning is the one that is beeping, to here the beeping watch my video I took bellow PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!


same issue here!

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