Flying latest stable release.

I armed my octo with a 3d gps fix and started to fly in simple mode. This is one of my first times flying in simple mode so I was just trying to get a feel for it and start to "trust" the APM to handle the direction. It was going well until I attempted to yaw the copter to the left so that my gopro camera could get a shot of me flying. Doing so reversed the controls... Luckily I have been flying long enough to know that small movements are key, so I was able to recover easily and land. It is my impression from the wiki and other posts that forward should remain forward regardless of yaw applied to the copter.

Any tips? Also, it occurred to me that maybe simple mode was not engaged... I am using the Arduino IDE to compile in the # define CH7_OPTION        CH7_SIMPLE_MODE.

Simple is engaged in the high position, correct?


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I also meant to ask someone if there was any sort of indicator in the Mission Planner for Simple mode. When I am in Stabilize mode and switch on Simple, nothing changes.

I don't believe so. The 'do_simple' flag is set to indicate simple mode, and I don't see that being sent out via MAVlink.

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