For some reason, I seem to be permanently in Super Simple Mode.  Not long ago, I enabled CH 8 on my FlySky for the Iris+.  Through Mission Planner I set my CH 8 option to Super Simple Mode.  That initially worked as I would expect.  i.e. when in Alt Hold or Ltr, flipping the CH 8 switch would put me into Super Simple mode for either of those two main flight modes.  That no longer seems to be working, I'm always in Super Simple mode for any of the channel switch combos I try (ignoring any auto modes). 

Hoping some more eyes might be able to help me find what I'm missing here.  This is how it's currently, and as far as I remember, always have been set after first configuring CH 8 for super simple mode.

Thanks, Mike

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I have found that entries on the FLIGHT MODE screen don't always update the flight controller (when check boxes are left un-checked).  Your FLIGHT MODE screen shot definitely indicates SIMPLE MODE and SUPER SIMPLE are not checked on any Flight Mode.

In the FULL PARAMETER screen you can double check your flight modes for the parameter "SUPER_SIMPLE" is set to "3".  You may or not be able to see that parameter if your computer screen was like mine - I could only see every other parameter because the Black Lines had Black Text (you have to change your screen display  - Windows, assuming - to high contrast.

You could also try turning SUPER SIMPLE off for CH8 (in your 4th screenshot), then write the parameters to Pix.  Then, go back to Screenshot 2, enter checkboxes on the Flight Modes that you want SUPER Simple on, then go to Screenshot 4, and change CH8 to SUPER SIMPLE and write parameters.

As a final check, look at the parameter setting for SUPER SIMPLE in "Full Parameter List" and it should be "3".  A full listing is in the .JPG below.  I use 34 (for my Flight Mode Combination, your's will be different).


Thanks for the reply Joe.  I've been away from this for a bit and finally see an above freezing day coming up where I live.  So I wanted check and try this out again.  I looked to see how SUPER_SIMPLE was set in the Full Param list (see below) and it shows 0.  I'm a bit confused by the description and why it's disabled (0) here. 

Also, when back over in Extended Tuning and I try to write params after changing the CH8 Opt to Super Simple I get the message; "CH8_OPT has more than doubled the last input.  Are you sure?". 

I'm really hoping I can make it happen w/out having to go in and mess w/ the Tx channel mixing, which is how I had gotten it to work a while back.

Selection of Super_Simple on this screen is based on your selections for flight modes you want it to affect.

For example, On my Flight Mode screen I have:

Flight Mode 1 = 6, or RTL

Flight Mode 2 = 5, or Loiter

Flight Mode 3 = 3, or Auto

Flight Mode 4 = 11, or Drift

Flight Mode 5 = 0, or Stabilize

Flight Mode 6 = 2, or Alt-Hold

I am not using Simple Mode (rather Super_Simple) so I set Simple to 0.

Then on Super_Simple, you want to find the combination that contains all the flight modes you want Super_Simple applied to.  So for example, my selection is 34 (mode 2+6).

This means Flight Mode 2 and Flight Mode 6 have Super Simple applied to them when I move switch (CH) 7 to ON.  Therefore, I can fly super simple when I am in LOITER and when I am in ALT-HOLD.

I find making the adjustment in the Full Parameter list is easier (or can at least be checked against what is entered on the GUI screen).

As far as the error you are getting on CH8 data entry (for selecting Super Simple assignment), I am not sure why that is happening.  However, I would again make the entry on the Full Parameters list.  For example, if you look at my CH7_OPT, I have assigned it to 13, or SUPER SIMPLE.  I have assigned CH8_OPT to 17, or Autotune.  If you want Super Simple assigned to CH8, then set CH8_OPT to 13.


Joe,  I have a feeling everything above is clear to most.  A couple things just aren't clicking for me. 

What I was hoping to do is use CH 8 to add Simple (or Super Simple) functionality to any of the established flight modes.  So, CH 5 would still be used as a 3 position for 1=Alt Hold, 2=Loiter, and 3=Auto, but then flipping CH 8 would then turn whatever main mode I'm in to a Simple version.  So the combo of CH 5 in the mode 1 position + CH 8 on = Alt Hold + Simple.  Hopefully that makes sense, and again, it might take me a couple more read-throughs of your reply above to see how that's possible. 

I did change CH8_OPT in the Full Param list to = 13.  After Writing the Parms, I do see that reflected in the Ch 8 Opt of the Extended Tuning screen as well as the Standard Params screen.  But, when toggling the different combos and watching what the ground station (the new Tower app in this case) shows, I never see anything that signals I'm in Simple mode.

What you have proposed doing is exactly correct, assign your primary flight modes to CH5, and modifying them to SS with CH8.

I never thought about seeing what happens on the GCS or the Android App if I was to flip my Super Simple Mode switch while flying.  I should try that and see if it reports back to the App.  I do know that you can assign flight modes to the flight controller via the Android App (while flying) that are not pre-assigned in the parameters list.  I found that out by accident, fortunately, no crash...  I've been using DroidPlanner, however Tower App looks very similar.

Tower is supposed to be the latest and a replacement for Droid Planner I believe.  For me it's been crashing a lot on my Android Lolipop tablet, but so have other applications after I upgraded. 

Took a test flight today and can't quite get that CH 8 SS mode modifying my main CH5 primary flight mode.  It's just not doing anything. 

Joe,  How exactly are you using Auto Tune in your setup?  I've only read a little bit on that and don't see how it would figure into your flight modes.

Auto-tune can only be performed when you are flying in Alt-hold. It takes about 5 - 7 minutes to complete. Search YouTube on this subject for what to expect while you are doing this.

One thing that you might miss is how to maintain the newly determined Auto-tune PID settings. While STILL flying after your Auto-tune session, you have to switch off Auto-tune, then switch it back on, then land, then dis-arm. If you just land after the Auto-tune session, your PIDs will not be saved. This was not so obvious to me, and I missed it in the Wiki instructions and YouTube videos.

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