Guys I am a complete newbie so excuse the obvious questions. 

I fly fullsize and also large scale gliders and there are a few steps on this path but can I start with the simple one please.

Can someone guide me on setting up a simple RF downlink to send GPS data from the scale aircraft to the ground and displaying the realtime position of the glider on a tablet or smartphone please?

I have looked at 3DR Compact 915MHz 500mw Bluetooth Box Radio Telemetry Module. Will this work? Can I connect a GPS without the Autopilot gear?


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He can connect i.e. M8N GPS receiver via radio link to PC running uCenter and control position from ground.

Simple but worth considering :-)

PS. Pls, "Martin", not "Marvin" ;-)

I've tested it before, both with NMEA and proprietary uBlox binary protocol - all works fine if you'll set correct baud for radio link.

But the question was asked over a half year ago and I'm not sure if is still valid...

Yes still looking for a solution. And a software solution too.

A bit more on the application itself. This is not an autopilot application (but it might take on elements of this later). Glider racing involves flying a glider around a usually triangular course with the RC pilot doing the flying without assistance so the idea is to transmit the GPS data to a display that is with the pilot guiding him/her from waypoint to waypoint.

Rob, first check uCenter with direct connection to GPS unit, if this will sufficient for you. Than you can use radio link to connect this unit remotely.

Take a look here:

This uses 3DR radios direct to GPS module, should do what you want it to.

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