I've had a look at the simulation (HIL) capabilities described in the manual  and that seems a really great way of improving one's flying skills safely. However, is it only applicable to aeroplanes at the moment?


I am still at the stage of learning to hover, and finding it hard. Is there any simulation available (HIL or otherwise) to help with learning this key skill on a multicopter?



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There are HIL capabilities built into AC2, but no options for SW on the PC that I'm aware of.  When I first started flying Copters, I would panic and cut the throttle. Now I remember the hover position and add or subtract throttle. It's a different mindset but easy to learn.


Yes, it sounds easy doesn't it. The problem is dealing with throttle for hover at the same time as dealing with the other 2 axes for position. I'll get it, but I really would like a simulation option. Is there not something available on a PC for standard helis that would teach the same skill?


There are plenty of options for standard heli's. Some are even free. I have Real Flight, but it's kinda pricey. 

You can use fms simulator too, its tolally free and there are even quad airframe for that. Ok flight modeling is not best nor graphics bt it works for basic things.

And then there are all those commercial versions. One nicest was Aerosim (spanish program but english lang naturally)'that one have multiple quads and even FPV simulation. Most sims are either for planes and/or helis. Even thou ArduCopter is helicopter, is does not fly exactly like heli. Its close thou.

Flying helis are a lot harder than ArduCopter and that is our main goal on this project. To make it as easy as possible to fly.
Where can i get Aerosim?

@Nice sim Jani :)


Thank you!

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