Six flight modes can be done without tying up two radio channels.

A tip for getting 6 flight modes without using up 2 radio channels on your radio.

On some radios (eg JR X2720 7-channel) you can mix the 3-position flap channel
with itself, rather than mixing with gear or aux which would prevent you from
using the gear or aux radio channel for something else. The mixing switch isn't itself a
radio channel so by careful setup of the mixing offset and percentages it’s
possible to get the six positions required just using the one radio channel
(the flap channel) and the mixing switch.

To find whether you can do this on your radio, you just need to check whether it can mix flap with flap, and if so then it should be possible. Start by setting the flap positions with mixing off, for modes 0, 2 and 4, and then with mixing on for modes 1, 3 and 5. 

I posted detailed instructions for doing this on a JR X2720 as a comment on this page:

but the webmaster asked for the info to be posted here so it could be linked to, so here it is:


Here is a guide for setting up 6 flight modes on a JR Propo X2720 seven
channel radio. I have achieved this while only using one of the active channel
inputs (the flap channel) leaving gear and aux free for other purposes. The
flap switch on the right shoulder is 3-position and the mixing switch on the
left shoulder provides the cut over to the other three modes. By setting the
mix function to FLAP -> FLAP it can be done without losing the aux or gear

Here are the settings: In the Function select mode, go to Program Mix 1
Set it to FLAP -> FLAP +rate=100% -rate=-50% offset = +10 SW = MIX

In the Function select mode, go to FLAP System Set FLAP Norm = UP 46%
FLAP Mid = DN 8% FLAP Land = DN 100% ELEV Norm = 0 ELEV Mid = 0 ELEV Land = 0
Auto Land Inhibit

In the System Select Mode, go to Input Select Set D/R switch to Com Aile
(Aileron dual rate switch does all 3 dual rates, leaving mixing switch free)
Set Aux 2 switch to Aux2, Trim inhibit Set FLAP to System, Trim Inhibit

This will give you six positions for pulse widths corresponding to six
flight modes. With the Mix switch off (backwards) you get flight modes 0,2,4 on
the flap switch, and with the mix switch on (forwards) you get flight modes

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Hi. I'm wondering if this setup can also be applied to DX7 as it has the same number of channels.

Hi, I'm not familiar with a DX7, but the number of channels isn't strictly relevant. The important point is whether your radio will allow you to mix a 3-position switch channel with itself. The 3 position switchis normally the FLAP channel. If you examine the mixing options in the manual or on the TX screen, you will find you can mix eg ELEV -> FLAP. The question is, will it also allow you to mix FLAP -> FLAP. If so, then you can use my suggestion. You also need a mixing switch that is not itself a radio channel.


Ok. Will try this. Thanks a lot!

Hi Gently,

I've tried this setup on my DX8 and I can sort of get it working, but can't seem to get 6 different PWs.

Have you figured it out yet?

I sent a message to Spektrum to ask if the the radio can do it and if it can, please tell me how.

I also suggested that they ad an additional aircraft type of "Multicopter" to the radio and have this six way mode setup as one of the features of that type.

I haven't heard back yet.

Hi, I have a DX7 and have the six modes working the 3 pos flight mode switch and the gear switch. Set up prog mix 1 to gear-flap-on, rate: -33 and -17, SW:ON, OFFSET: 0

Hope this helps

By using the gear switch, you have lost one of your independent radio channels, because you now cannot use the gear channel to operate something else, such as a camera. The point of the original post is to get 6 flight modes using only one of your available radio channels.


Thanks Wayne,

I set it how you describe above, but using the MODE switch the Gear channel still does it's -100_0_+100 and the AX1 channel goes + middle - a little bit in the center, but the Gear switch doesn't affect how they act.  Do  I need to set a switch to a certain channel?


I tried configuring my DX7 using Wayne Harton's configuration. It works, but as what Limebear has said, I lost the gear as an independent channel. I haven't checked on the different PWs either.



Hi Dave, are you set in ACRO.

OK, getting close now; my switches were messed up from trying to get it to work before.  The output is on Channel 7 and the Mode Select is on the FLAP switch.  It does use up two channels.  But this puts me farther than I was before.




In the same place in your TX menu that you selected Gear > Flap to mix the gear with the flap, you need to check whether it also allows Flap > Flap. If it doesn't, then you can't use my tip, and will be stuck with using up 2 channels.


OK, thanks, I'll try that when I get home.



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